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When are kits available for purchase?


All our kits go Live on the 1st of each month in our subscribers forum on Facebook.   For non subscribers all Kits are available and can be purchase From 5th of each month.


What are the benefits of being a subscriber?
Subscribers receive a discounts on kits.

Subscribers also get access to our digital files that come available each month. The subscribers digital files can be accessed through the members only forum on Facebook

Current subscribers also get access to our subscribers only Facebook page

Advance shopping of sales before the general public. As well as a 20% store extras discount

How do I become a subscriber?
If you’d like to become a subscriber, simply click on the sign up button below and fill in the forum. You will be advised which month your subscription will start

Cost of subscriptions each month?
Monthly subscriptions vary depending on which kits and how many kits you are subbed to. Postage starts at $12.00 and is is capped at $17.00 you can also add your store orders for no extra postage fee

When are you invoiced for your kits?
Subscription invoices are sent out 15th of the month just before the new kit is due to be reveal to try and fit in with everyone pay cycles.

When do kits ship out for subscribers?

Kits ship out within 2-3 business days after kit reveal for this who have paid. Or 2-3 days after payments clears if paid after the reveal day.

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